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Team Arundel says it best! The basis for Arundel is our good friends and family. As can be seen under Our Dogs, we have had ongoing relationships with wonderful fanciers who treat their Berners as beloved companions first. These relationships have led to close friendships that have evolved over time. Not all of our close friends and co-owned dogs are pictured on this website. There are some older co-owned dogs who we continue to treasure and some up-and-coming stars upon whom we pin future hope.


Sue and her husband, Alan, are located in a rural agricultural area outside Rochester, NY, in the western part of New York State. As avid dog lovers, our dogs are a part of our family. Since 1978, we were enamored with the Bernese Mountain Dog and have shared our home with typically 6 Berners since our first.


Since 1983, Sue has been breeding on a limited basis under the kennel name Arundel. Her emphasis is on an all-round typey Berner, well-balanced and substantial who represents his heritage as a Swiss farm dog. Most important are temperament, health and longevity. Sue is a member of the BMDCA (US) and the BMDCC (Canada), as well as a founding and current member of the BMDCFL (Bernese Mountain Dog Club of the Finger Lakes, New York State), currently serving as president and BMDCA liaison. Sue has regularly attended national and regional specialties, is active in conformation showing, and serves as a breed ambassador and breeder mentor for the BMDCA.  She has had the honor of judging Sweepstakes and Futurity at a number of specialties, including national specialties for the BMDCA and BMDCC. Years ago, she served as a professional steward for Tri-State Stewards. She also has judged local all-breed matches, conducted a breed standard workshop, served as Sieger evaluator and assisted with judges' education. Together with her family and friends, Sue strives to better this wonderful breed.




All our Bernese Mountain Dogs are screened for hips and elbows (OFA, 2 years for permanent certification), eyes (OFA, every 2-3 years), heart (OFA, recently changed to not permanent certification, testing every 2-3 years), von Willebrand’s bleeding disorder (DNA test), and degenerative myelopathy (DNA test), and other tests as warranted. In addition, each dog is DNA tested by AKC to prove lineage as recommended by the BMDCA. Every breeder should provide copies of health clearance certifications with each puppy sold and provide evidence of these clearances when you inquire about a puppy.


Lifelong support is provided to each owner. Dogs that cannot be kept for any reason must be returned to us. We want to hear from owners on a regular basis to know our dogs are loved and well cared for. Health information and age and cause of death are critical components for future breeding decisions. All pet owners must neuter their dog; AKC registration is limited for those puppies sold as companions. 


Due to the high demand of this breed, we apologize that we may not be able to reply to all inquiries. Information on the breed in general is provided under Info & Resource Links. If you are interested in a Bernese Mountain Dog from rescue or in need of rehoming, please visit See also the list of breeders in the region.


If you are seeking a puppy, please do not consider a Bernese Mountain Dog from a pet store or puppy mill. Check BernerGarde ( and the OFA ( websites to verify health clearances of dogs being bred and their health and longevity. Ask questions and expect a conscientious breeder to ask questions about you and your environment.